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Kingoftheplatypus's Profile Picture
Hi, I'm the great King of all the platypus and I'm also a mighty flooring inspector !
So be careful because PLATYPUS WILL RULE THE WORLD !
And remember if one day you're depressed DRINK TEA ! Life is so much better when you're drinking tea !
And Yes my profile picture really looks like me =D !
I Love the Ocean Stamp by fear-the-brilliance
Deymos : The Dragon baby by Razziebassy   The Sea Princess and the Shrimp Hunter by blob-du-chaos Contest Prize-Wolf by 768dragon

(bad) English :
Well, not really requests, plus inspiration ! I've got a lack of ideas and motivation lately and maybe this will help. So if you have any requests in mind please ask and I shall try !
It will be traditional or digital, tell it if you have a preference (I personally think I'm better with digital :)) usually it comes with colours !

Just a few rules :
:bulletgreen: No fanart ! Only original characters, this way I'll be working on fresh design, I had my dose of fanarts ! Please leave a little description of what you want (or a big one)
:bulletblue: I give myself the right to refuse your request.
:bulletpurple: As it is totally free, there is no time limit. I'll do them when I can (or find the right music =D)
:bulletpink: Please let me some "artistic freedom", it's way much fun if I'm free to ad some details !
:bulletyellow: Please check my deviant gallery to see what I'm use to and what I can do !

I can (try to) do women (that's what I do best !), Men (they're far from being perfect but it will force me to work on them !), animals (same as men), all sorts of fantasy creature and stuffs like this.
I won't do nor pornography nor gore.


En français maintenant !

En gros l'histoire c'est que mon inspiration (déjà proche de néant) c'est fais la malle, ne me laissant plus qu'une pauvre troisième version de dessin déjà fais à finir ! Donc j'ouvre donc des "requests" (je trouverais le mot français plus tard)

Quelques règles :
:bulletgreen:Je serais donc ravie de dessiner vos personnages, et seulement vos personnages ! L'idée étant de retrouver l'inspiration je pense que dessiner des fanart ne m'aidera pas beaucoup
:bulletblue: jetez donc un coup d’œil à ma galerie pour voir ce qui est dans mes cordes !
:bulletpurple: Je ne me mettrais aucune limite de temps (place à la procrastination !)
:bulletpink: J’apprécierais que l'on me laisse un peu de "liberté artistique" (ouais je sais pas trop ce que ça représente vraiment mais il vaut mieux le marquer !)

A happy day by CatherineDaydreamer          happy birthday kingoftheplatypus by vennja10

Those are some of my requests and stuff from friends : :iconrazziebassy: :iconblob-du-chaos: :icon768dragon: :iconcatherinedaydreamer: :iconvennja10:

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blob-du-chaos Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Yo ! I am here 
Kingoftheplatypus Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Yo yourself !
Carumo Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
Hey there!
Im from the leaderteam of :iconart-isourlifepotion: and would like to ask you some questions so we might be able to improve our group :)
Sooo, feel free to answer the questions honestly - it's not a test xDD Im just curious about what we could do better :3

1. How happy are you with the group as it is at the moment?
2. Do you read the Journals regularly?
3. What prevents you from becoming more active? (not enough time, etc?)
4. Do you have any suggestions what we could do more/improve on?

So, thats about it :)
I wish you a nice day!
Kingoftheplatypus Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
Hi !

So about your questions (I hope I wont fail :scared: )

1) I'm very happy with the group it's a really nice group
2) I'm trying but sometimes I just don't have time :(
3) If you want me to be more active I can be more active, I usually forgot to submit art to groups =D
4) Nope I don't have any ideas your doing this great !
Carumo Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
You did great! :D And im glad to hear, that you are happy with the group - also no problem if you dont have enough time there is nothing you can do about it^^
blob-du-chaos Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
Sis, je déteste les gens... Y m'énervent...…
Alkasay Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello King!

I wanted to visit your personally to welcome you to our group :iconart-isourlifepotion: :)
I am very happy to see you here among us and I wanted to wish you a very nice time there and I hope you will find a lot of friends there and people to talk with.  I am looking forward to see your artworks in our folders! :la:

If you have a question or need someone to talk, feel free to write one of the leader-team - everyone will be there for you!
And nobody will bite you, I promise it! :D

I hope you had a nice easter and will now have a nice week! :)

Greetings, Alkasay.
Kingoftheplatypus Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Well thanks for inviting me you've got a great gallery !
Looking at your icon I'm still wondering if you really don't bite =D
Alkasay Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No, i dont bite at all xD most likely :)
I only bite if someone wants to hurt my friends, watchers or the group users -^-
than i can become quiet angry. oh yea...
btw king,
I would love to know if you read the new journal on the group page?
there are a few very important changes in and I would love to know your opinion about it ^-^
just if you have time that means D:
blob-du-chaos Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
Hey, Sis ! C'est bête, mais j'ai trouvé ça étonnamment mignon (et marrant, comme d'hab...) Si tu ne l'as pas déjà vu et que tu as 20min à perdre...…
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